Venezuela: Special forces foil 'invasion' by Colombian 'mercenaries'

Venezuelan authorities announced that their special forces had foiled an attempt by Colombian mercenaries who had made an illegal incursion on the coasts of La Guaira on Sunday. The confrontation between the FAES (Venezuelan Special Forces) and the mercenaries left eight dead and led to two arrests. According to the local authorities, the Venezuelan police seized ten rifles, two machine guns... Еще which had been stolen in 2019, six trucks and a boat from the group. Minister of the Interior, Nestor Reverol called the attackers «mercenaries,» coming to create “chaos” in the county. The attack took place on a beach in La Guaira, about 32 kilometres (20 miles) from Caracas. Authorities claim that the illegal speedboat incursion was part of a plan that would evolve into acts of terrorism and eventually an attempted coup.

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