Venezuela: Rage spills over at protest against economic crisis, police deat

Hundreds of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas on Monday to protest against the ongoing economic crisis in the sanction-hit country. The rally, organised by the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable coalition, also denounced the security operation carried out on January 15 in El Junquito, which ended the life of former police pilot Oscar Perez, among others, who were considered by... Еще President Nicolas Maduro's government to be terrorists. The protest saw demonstrators face off with police for several hours in the vicinity of the Central University of Venezuela, and resulted in teargas being deployed. There are no reports of injuries. The manhunt for Perez had been initiated after he hijacked a helicopter in June and launched grenades at government buildings. Perez had criticised Maduro for the economic crisis in the country.

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