Venezuela: Ousted attorney general Ortega barred from entering former office

Venezuela's former chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz was sped away on the backseat of a motorbike after finding some 30 national guardsmen blocking her entrance to the public prosecutor's office in Caracas, Saturday. Government forces wearing riot gear surrounded the entrance to Ortega's headquarters, preventing her from entering the building where her office is situated. The guards were... Еще stationed outside of the office ahead of the first regular session of the newly selected National Constituent Assembly, where a unanimous vote decided that Ortega would be stripped of her title. Speaking to press outside the offices, Ortega said «This is a dictatorship. The repression... not only they are detaining people arbitrarily and judging them on the Military Justice, but now they won't let the Prosecutor enter the main office.» The decision comes after Ortega said that she would investigate allegations of fraud in the elections, which were responsible for installing the new body. Ortega will be replaced by national ombudsman and government supporter Tarek William Saab. MANDATORY CREDIT: Caraota Digital

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