Venezuela: New Constituent Assembly ready to 'do anything' to confront 'US threat'

Venezuelan Minister for Indigenous People Aloha Nunez said the country is prepared to «do anything» to confront «any threat» made against Venezuela, during a session at the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas, Saturday. She went on to say the government is «willing to defend this land, our freedom, our independence.» Nunez's comments come after Trump told journalists on Friday that he was... Еще prepared to take action against Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly, «including a possible military option, if necessary.» The President of Venezuela's new Assembly Delcy Rodriguez also took aim at the US during the session, branding the country a «decaying empire». Rodriguez said that three years ago Russian President Vladimir Putin had cited the end of a unipolar world governed by the US. She then noted that now, there is a «multipolar world, with equilibrated forces» in which «leadership of the United States is relegated in the global hemisphere.»
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