Venezuela: Maduro rails against Trump in massive closing campaign rally

W/S Members of crowd waving Venezeulan flagM/S Members of crowd waving Venezeulan flagM/S Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro watching crowd through binoculars W/S Crowd waving Venezuelan flags and flags for Patria Para Todos party (Fatherland For All)M/S Maduro waving at crowdW/S CrowdSOT, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan President (Spanish): «Emperor Donald Trump. His Majesty Emperor Donald Trump has... Еще given the order that we suspend the Constituent [Assembly.]"M/S Man in pro-Constituent Assembly t-shirt *CUTAWAY*SOT, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan President (Spanish): «What we do? Whom do we obey? Who rules Venezuela? I'll tell Emperor Donald Trump: the people of Venezuela command Venezuela. And on Sunday, July 30, the Constituent Assembly will [rule.]"W/S CrowdM/S Member of crowdM/S Maduro on stage, waving flagW/S People waving Venezuelan flagM/S Maduro holding Venezuelan flag to chestSCRIPTThousands of red-clad people swarmed central Caracas, Thursday, as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro led the closing campaign ceremony for the upcoming national constituent assembly election, Thursday.Maduro was seen waving to his supporters and proudly holding the national flag in front of the massive crowd. As he addressed the people, he stated that US President Donald Trump «has given the order that we suspend the Constituent [Assembly.]» Maduro replied to that claim by saying, «The people of Venezuela command in Venezuela,» and that government plans to convene a national constituent assembly and reform the country‘s constitution will carry on.Representatives of the Constituent Assembly will be elected on July 30.

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