Venezuela: Maduro presents annual report to the National Constituent Assembly

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro presented his annual management report for 2017 before the National Constituent Assembly at the Federal Legislative Palace, in Caracas, on Monday. Maduro stated, «Even the White House, the State Department knows very well, the Bolivarian revolution in 2017 regained its mobilisation capacity and has returned to be the electoral majority for now, forever, for a... Еще long time.» On December 11, the country's ruling socialist party won by a landslide in the mayoral elections. According to the data from the National Electoral Council, 47 percent of those eligible to vote participated in the election and the ruling party won in more than 300 of the 335 municipalities throughout the country. The ruling party also won the governorship of Zulia state, in the west of the country. The main opposition parties, Justice First, Popular Will and Democratic action, boycotted the vote, claiming the election system was biased and designed to keep Maduro in power. Maduro announced that opposition parties that have boycotted this year's mayoral election will no longer be allowed to vote or run in the 2018 presidential elections.


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