Venezuela: Maduro gives two top US diplomats 48hrs to leave

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that US Chief of Mission Todd Robinson and this deputy Brian Naranjo had 48 hours to leave the country in Caracas on Tuesday. «The empire does not dominate us. Venezuela is free, sovereign and independent. They must leave the country in 48 hours. In protest, and in defence of the dignity of the Venezuelan homeland,» Maduro said. According to... Еще reports, Maduro accused the pair of attempting to sabotage Venezuela's recent president election by pressuring several candidates to boycott it. On Sunday, Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as Venezuela's President for a second term. According to the country's election board, Maduro took 67.7 percent of the vote, while his closest rival retired serviceman Falcon came second with 21.2 percent, and Javier Bertucci with 10 percent.

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