Venezuela: Maduro dismisses opposition to second term win

Nicolas Maduro addressed cheering crowds in Caracas on Sunday after being re-elected as Venezuela's President for a second term. Speaking to the crowds, Maduro slammed the opposition for conceding the elections, saying: «It has never been seen that a candidate [opposition candidate Henri Falcon] ignores the results without the results having been given.» «Do not look for a lot of honour and... Еще morality in the opposition ranks,» he added. Falcon of the anti-government Progressive Advance party said on Sunday that he does not recognise Maduro's recent victory in the presidential elections. According to the country's election board, Maduro took 67.7 percent of the vote, while his closest rival retired serviceman Falcon came second place with 21.2 percent, and Javier Bertucci with 10 percent.

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