Venezuela: Maduro congratulates armed forces after beating terrorism with bullets

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro praised the actions of the armed forces in subduing a “terror attack” at a military base near Valencia in the country's north, speaking in Caracas, Sunday. «I would like to congratulate the Bolivarian National Armed Forces for the immediate reaction they provided to the terrorist attack,» Maduro said. «We won a week ago with votes. And today we had to beat... Еще terrorism with bullets». He also said that there was to be a review of the country's armed forces in the wake of the attack. «I have ordered all prevention and security measures of all of the country's military units to be reviewed and heightened,» Maduro confirmed. Seven men have been arrested after the rebellion against the president at the military base, with one confirmed death and another injury also reported. Venezuela has been gripped by violence since the vote for the National Constituent Assembly last week, which the opposition has denounced as a power-grab by the president.

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