Venezuela: Maduro casts vote amid opposition boycott

Venezuela’s President Nicola Maduro was photographed casting his vote in a polling station in western Caracas on Sunday, in an election broadly boycotted by opposition parties. The 55-year-old President is expected to win over his main rival Henri Falcon, a former army officer. After casting his vote, Maduro held a press conference where he accused the United States government of driving «a... Еще fierce campaign» to «taint the Venezuelan election» without succeeding. «I am sure that at the end of this day, when the results are already there, our people will come out to defend the results in peace and that they [results] will be recognised by all our people,» Maduro concluded. The elections were supposed to be held on December 2018, but the National Constituent Assembly decided to bring them forward. Almost 20,5 million people are eligible to vote to choose a president for a six-year term starting January 2019.

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