Venezuela: Maduro attacks Lopez, says he is after 'accomplices' who helped him leave

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro harshly criticised opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez during a press conference in Caracas, on Wednesday. «[Lopez] tells Guaido to get ready to go to prison and he flees Venezuela to go and live in the Salamanca district of Madrid. How brave Leopoldo Lopez is, that's my leader. That's my leader compadre, the leader of Latin America and the Caribbean, the brave one,» the Venezuelan president said sarcastically. Maduro also referred to the surprise arrival of Leopoldo Lopez in Spain. «There was a negotiation, yes, there was. From Leopoldo Lopez with the government of Spain and it is demonstrated, to get him out of the country and they took him away. Now we will have to establish the legal responsibilities of the accomplices in that operation,» he said. The Venezuelan president went on to accuse Lopez and opposition leader Juan Guaido of stealing money: «If one day there is an independent and objective investigation of the wealth of Leopoldo Lopez, and Juan Guaido and the family of Juan Guaido in Spain, they will be able to confirm that it is millions, millions of euros and dollars, millions, that Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guaido have abroad and which were stolen in the country.» Leopoldo Lopez arrived in Madrid on Sunday after leaving the Spanish Embassy in Caracas where he stayed for 18 months as a guest. The Venezuelan justice system had sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

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