Venezuela: Maduro asks opposition to help unblock resources for medical care

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro asked the opposition to intervene in Oslo so that the international banks unblock state resources destined to pay for the treatment and transplants of sick patients, he said at a meeting in Caracas on Friday. «I have told our colleague Jorge Rodriguez, head of the Venezuelan delegation in the peace talks with the right-wing opposition in Oslo, in Norway... Еще, to raise these issues at that meeting» so “the resources are released for the payment of the treatment of the sick people and for those who need transplants,» said Maduro. The Government of Venezuela has denounced the 'aggression' promoted by Washington, which includes the blockade of financial resources held by various international banks which has made it increasingly difficult to purchase medicine, supplies and food for the Venezuelan people. Mandatory credit: VENEZOLANA DE TELEVISIÓN Mandatory credit: VENEZOLANA DE TELEVISIÓN

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