Venezuela: Guaido rejects Supreme Court rulings and calls for demonstrations

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido rejected the rulings of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, after it suspended and replaced the leaders of two opposition parties, on Wednesday. Guaido appeared at an impromptu press conference outside the headquarters of the Accion Democrática party and criticised the court's actions. «I call on civil society, nurses, doctors, stretcher bearers, students, teachers, builders, workers, transporters, everyone. All of them. To mobilise, to express our rejection and, of course, to build this force, which has been in the majority, but to exercise it definitively,» said Guaido. The opposition leader promised to start a series of mobilisations in rejection of the Supreme Court ruling: «We must translate all this discontent, this anxiety, this frustration, again, yes, into mobilizations. We'll see the mechanism [we should use to protest], we'll see [which is] the best mechanism.» On Monday, the Supreme Court of Justice suspended the leadership of the Democratic Action party, and a day later did the same with the Justice First party. Both political conglomerates have declared themselves to be in opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro and are the ones with the largest number of representatives in the National Assembly, the entity that supports Juan Guaido.

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