Venezuela: Guaido claims security personnel threated by armed bikers

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido claimed his security personnel had been intercepted by a group of armed bikers who threatened to take them to the Venezuelan military counterintelligence headquarters, during a press conference at Metropolitan University, east of Caracas on Wednesday. «A group of bikers, dressed as civilians, carrying rifles, intercepted part of our support (security) team... Еще,» Guaido said, speaking before Conindustria, an annual conference of industrialists. He added that they «threatened to take them to the DGCIM [General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence], Boleita headquarters.» Guaido went on to say, «They did not identify themselves at any time, they did not identify with any body. We assume it was the DGCIM because they said they were going to move us there.» In response to the news that the Russian embassy will be removing its military technical staff from their embassy in Venezuela, Guaido said, «Maduro does not have friends today. Maduro does not have allies. Nobody likes Maduro today. No one even wants to take pictures with him.» Venezuela has been in political crisis since January 23, when Guaido declared himself president in a move now recognized by over 50 countries including the United States the European Union.

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