Venezuela: 'Far-right cowards' won’t succeed — MoD following Maduro 'assassination attempt'

Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez made a call for 'national unity' while speaking at the Defence Ministry in Caracas on Sunday, one day after an apparent assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Blaming the alleged assassination attempt on 'far-right cowards of the oligarchies,' Padrino Lopez vowed that 'they will have to pass on top of our ruins in order to... Еще install a despotic government of blood here.' «They weren't able with Commander Hugo Chavez, 18 years ago, 20 years ago. They will not be able now when the collective, political conscience of the people of Venezuela, of their Bolivarian national armed forces is much more cohesive and much stronger,» he continued. Seven National Guard soldiers were injured after explosions interrupted Maduro during a speech to mark the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard of Venezuela. Maduro and other government members were unharmed in the attack. The explosions were reportedly from two drones loaded with explosives. On Saturday, Maduro blamed Colombia and elements in the US for the «an attempt to kill me.» The Colombian government refuted the allegations. An online resistance group 'Soldados de Franelas' — meaning 'Soldiers in T-shirts' in English — claimed involvement on Twitter. The group did not provide evidence and has not responded to requests for comment. Three firefighters at the scene said the explosion was from a gas tank in a nearby apartment. The comments were made anonymously and no further details have emerged so far.

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