Venezuela: «Do not mess with Venezuela» — Govt. defiant as Constitutional Assembly opens

Venezuela's Constitutional Assembly held its first inaugural session, in Caracas, Friday, with large numbers of Chavistas gathering outside the building to show support for the newly assembled body. Addressing the newly sworn-in members of Constitutional Assembly, President of the assembly Delcy Rodriguez, the country's former foreign minister, noted that the assembly rejected foreign... Еще interference, saying, «We send many messages, not only to Venezuela but also to the world. We told the head of the empire, 'Do not mess with Venezuela', and we will repeat it as many times as necessary. Do not mess with Venezuela.» Despite violent clashes breaking out throughout the week, in which at least ten people have been killed, some 8 million people voted in last Sunday's election for Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, whose representatives will have the power to draft a new Venezuelan constitution. Venezuela's opposition has rejected the result of the vote, and has continued to protest the Venezuelan government. The US in turn has sanctioned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro personally following the establishment of the assembly.

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