Venezuela: 'Come rain or shine' — Maduro vows to attend Summit of the Americas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura affirmed that he would attend the Summit of the Americas “come rain or shine, by air, land, or sea”, during a press conference in Miraflores presidential palace, Thursday. “You don’t want to see me in Lima? You’re going to see me”, claimed Maduro. “I will attend the Summit of the Americas with the truth of Simon Bolivar’s and Antonio Jose de Sucre’s homeland... Еще. The truth of Venezuela will get there, to the Summit of the Americas. Be sure of that”, he added. “This letter arrived to Miraflores Palace at 16:00 in the afternoon, from [President of Peru] Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. He invites me to the Summit of the America’s. Reach an agreement. They want to repeat with Venezuela the same mistreatment they gave to our sister Cuba”, he said, while showing the document to the press. Maduro answered to the Peruvian government's decision announced earlier in the week, supported by the 12 countries of the Lima Group, of taking away Maduro’s invitation to the Summit in April.

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