Venezuela: Citizens back home after repatriation from Argentina

A plane carrying 86 Venezuelan citizens from Argentina landed in Caracas' Simon Bolivar International on Wednesday as part of the Return to the Homeland plan of Nicolas Maduro's government. The Venezuelan government decided to create an airlift to guarantee the return of Venezuelan migrants who want to return to their country after they failed to achieve better employment opportunities abroad... Еще. Venezuelan authorities said flights will leave from all across South America to repatriate those who want to return. The Return to the Homeland plan began first in Peru and Brazil and was expanded to Ecuador and Argentina. So far, 1,695 Venezuelans have returned to their nation from various South American countries Countries in Latin America have come under increasing pressure due to the high numbers of Venezuelans entering their country. Some 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled their homeland since 2014 in search of a better life as the economic crisis grips the oil-rich nation.

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