Venezuela: Captured US 'mercenary' blames Guaido for errors during failed invasion

Venezuelan State TV broadcast a video on Thursday in which US 'mercenary' Luke Denman blamed opposition leader Juan Guaido for wrong decisions which led to the failure of an incursion into Venezuelan territory. The video was allegedly filmed on May 17. «I believe Jordan [Goudreau] didn’t have any reason not to trust Juan Guaido. I believe if anybody has made an incorrect decision it’s Mr... Еще. Guaido,» Denman said. He also said he believed Juan Guaido chose Silvercorp because he thought its owner Jordan Goudreau had «close ties with Donald Trump and the United States Government.» “At this point, seeing everything that I have, I believe that Silvercorp, as well as many others, have been greatly misled by Mr. Juan Guaido,” he concluded. On May 3, an armed group attempted to enter Venezuelan territory aboard speedboats, which were intercepted and repelled by security forces. The detainees included two US citizens who were paid by the Florida-based company Silvercorp.

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