Venezuela: Canada is prohibiting Venezuelan immigrants from voting, says Venezuelan FM

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that Canada is prohibiting its Venezuelan immigrants from voting in the upcoming presidential elections, during a statement to the press in Caracas on Wednesday. “Only dictatorships prevent the right to suffrage and to vote. Who is preventing here the right to suffrage and to vote? The government of Venezuela or the government of Canada... Еще?” questioned Arreaza. The foreign minister called on Canada to review this decision. “[We are continuing] with the electoral process, in coordination with the electoral power, and guarantee that our fellow countrymen vote. This is an act of sovereignty that we have to guarantee, and a regulation of one of the countries cannot prevent it. That is why I think we are still in time to ask the government of Canada for a reflection and not to deny it. We have never denied the right to Canadians living in Venezuela to vote”, he said. Reportedly, the Canadian government informed Venezuela about this decision through a diplomatic letter. Venezuela’s presidential elections will be on May 20.

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