Venezuela: Authorities make new arrests in connection with foiled 'invasion'

Venezuelan authorities arrested several more suspects in connection with Sunday's foiled attempt by Colombian «mercenaries» to land on the coast of La Guaira, after they were apprehended in Chuao on Monday. Footage filmed in an undisclosed location on Monday shows Josnars Adolfo Baduel and other suspects being removed from a helicopter by security forces personnel, and being questioned on alleged... Еще US involvement in the incursion. After being dragged into the back of a police van, Baduel, the son of former Defence Minister Raul Isaias Baduel, who is currently in prison after being found guilty of corruption, answered some questions while being recorded. Once he had confirmed the policeman's suspicion that two members of their group were north Americans, Baduel claimed that «they are intermediaries, as I already told you, they are from the head of security of the US president.» Two US citizens were among those arrested on Monday according to Venezuelan state TV, with the pair reportedly working for a US military veteran, Jordan Goudreau, who told Reuters that he was one of the incursion's organisers. The US government has denied any involvement with the incidents. According to the local authorities, the Venezuelan police seized ten rifles, two machine guns which had been stolen in 2019, six trucks and a boat from the group on Sunday. The Venezuelan government alleged that the illegal speedboat incursion was part of a plan that would evolve into acts of terrorism and eventually an attempted coup.

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