Vegan ribs with a difference unveiled at Fi Europe exhibition in Paris

Dutch plant-based food manufacturer Ojah BV unveiled their latest creation of vegan ribs at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Paris, on Tuesday. The company known in the industry for its chicken-alternative Plenti, developed their latest meat-free treats over six years. The new meat replacement, called Heppi is made from yellow-peas. Head of product development for Ojah BV Joeri... Еще Hollink said that the company wanted to 'make an impact in the world,' adding that «we want to persuade meat eaters to actually try a plant-based product for once in their life and see how bad is it actually.» Hollink appeared pleased with the public's reaction to their new products, saying «some people just came by to have a bite, have a little snack and didn't even realised they were eating plant-based products. So when I told them afterwards, they were completely blown away and amazed by this.» The company plans to roll out their new product in the Netherlands first, before increasing production and offering Heppi more widely in the latter half of 2020.

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