Varanasi's «Iron Man» designs metal gun suit to «fight terrorists»

Shyam Chaurasia from the northern city of Varanasi displayed his metal gun suit, on Thursday, designed, he hopes, to aid Indian Army soldiers fighting cross-border «fighting terrorists». Chaurasia took his inspiration from the film 'Iron Man'. The one-of-a-kind suit features guns attached to the hand, body, helmet and leg. It can be operated and controlled via the internet from army control... Еще rooms and GPS-operated devices. Chaurasia believes his invention can save many lives and if it gains enough support he can design a workable model. «If they [Indian Army soldiers] have a suit like this which can be modified and designed to suite their requirements, it will help our soldiers to safeguard our borders and fight terrorism more effectively,» Chaurasia explained. The 'iron man suit' has reportedly received wide support from Varanasi's local population. However, due to a lack of support from the Indian government and defense research departments, Chaurasia has not been able to launch his suit into wider production.
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