USA: Zoe Kravitz would use magical powers to 'impeach Trump'

SOT, Moderator: «This is to anybody who would like to jump in. Zoe?» SOT, Zoe Kravitz, Actor: «Impeach Trump» SOT, Moderator: «Wouldn't it be better just to apparate him out of existence, you know, jump over the whole impeachment process and just 'Snap, bye'.» SOT, Zoe Kravitz, Actor: «I'll take impeachment but we can go further than that, sure.» SOT, Speaker: «Dan is really good at... Еще making up spells. What would be the impeachment spell.» SOT, Dan Fogler, Actor: «Ugh right, ugh, Impeachius Maximus!» Speaking at a press conference at Comic Con, in San Diego, for the upcoming film in the Harry Potter franchise, actress Zoe Kravitz claimed that, were she to have magical powers, she would use them to impeach US President Donald Trump. Her colleague Dan Folger went on to suggest the spell could be «Impeachius Maximus!» The actors were speaking in a cast panel for the film 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald', which is due to be released in November this year.

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