USA: Zakharova says Kiev 'snipers' threatened Russian diplomat at UN headquarters

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that «snipers» and «veterans» of Kiev's military operation in southeastern Ukraine «dressed in camouflage clothing» threatened a Russian diplomat «with death» at the UN headquarters. Zakharova made the statement when speaking to the press in New York City on Friday. According to Zakharova, the incident took place on May 9, following a... Еще session on propaganda and fake news, reportedly organised by a Ukrainian delegation, which she said claimed to be part of «a session of the UN General Assembly Committee on Information.» Zakharova noted that her colleague, head of Foreign Ministry's Press and Information Department, went to the event following an official invitation, adding that during the session he «actively commented on all the horrible anti-Russian statements made by the Ukrainian delegation. [He] disavowed everything that was discussed there point by point.» The Russian foreign ministry spokesperson went on to say that «there were also people in camouflage clothing, who were introduced as [anti-terrorist operation] ATO veterans and snipers from southeastern Ukraine.» «After the roundtable discussion was over, these men, dressed in camouflage clothing, came up to the Russian representative and began to threaten him with death, take pictures of him and threaten him with physical violence,» added Zakharova.

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