USA: Woman creates bulletproof 'Wonder Hoodie' in response to gun violence

An entrepreneur based in Palo Alto, California has invented a bulletproof hoodie named the 'Wonder Hoodie,' as a response to gun violence in the United States. Vy Tran, who was interviewed on Thursday, created the prototype herself after a neighbourhood shooting, when she couldn't find solutions to protect her family. The hoodie is filled with Kevlar protection panels on the chest, sides, back... Еще and head of the garment and is designed to protect against a .44 magnum. It comes in various sizes, and is also available for kids. She offers a lifetime warranty, saying that «if you get shot, God forbid, we will send you another one as a replacement. You just have to send us like a police report.» «If you have a bullet and it makes contact with the fabric, in case of puncturing it, it spreads the impact through all the fibres,» Tran explained. The Wonder Hoodie's price ranges from $595 (€520) to $650 (€579).

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