USA: White House press sec. refers to Trump as Obama at DACA briefing

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that US President Donald Trump's administration is confident Congress will find a replacement for the DACA programme, during a White House press briefing in Washington DC, on Thursday. She also appeared to confuse the name of the current president, saying: «President Obama, is laying out a responsible, 24 month phase out, sorry President... Еще Trump.» Sanders stated, «We have confidence that Congress is going to step up and do their job,» noting, «we stand ready and willing to work with them in order to accomplish responsible immigration reform. The Press Secretary stressed, «It's not cold-hearted for the president to uphold the rule of law, we are a nation of law and order,» adding, «I think people across this country should be celebrating the president upholding the Constitution he was elected to do.»
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