USA: 'We're negotiation a location' — Trump on second US-North Korea summit

US President Donald Trump said the US was «negotiating a location» for a second summit with North Korea, minutes before he departed Washington DC for Camp David on Sunday. «We're negotiating a location. It will be announced probably in the not too distant future. They have made it very clear, in fact, they've actually said to the media that they would like to meet. And they do want to meet and... Еще we want to meet and we'll see what happens,» said Trump. Overall, Trump hailed the US relationship with North Korea, saying «we have, with North Korea, we have a very good dialogue. I'm going to not go any further than that. I'm just going to say it's very special. And anybody else but me, you'd be in war right now.» Trump also mentioned the ongoing trade dispute with China, saying, «I really believe they want to make a deal. The tariffs have absolutely hurt China very badly. But our country is taking in a lot of money through tariffs.»

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