USA: 'We're defending rights and liberties of people' — Oregan standoff trial continues

The trial of the Oregon standoff leader Amonn Bundy continued in Las Vegas on Monday, in a legal case which Bundy has described as “defending the rights and the liberties of the [US] people.” Speaking outside the Lloyd D. George US Courthouse Bundy said «we're not defending whether we get to eat the grass on public land — that's part of it — but, we're defending the rights and the liberties of... Еще the people and not of just this country but of all countries that are influenced by the United States or that have used the United States as an example.» Ammon Bundy, the leader of the armed militia occupying the national wildlife refuge, was arrested with five other militiamen following the standoff with the FBI and Oregon State Police on a highway near Burns on January 26. The defendants are facing charges of conspiring to impede the federal officers by taking over the refuge, with five of them being charged with possession of firearms in a federal facility. The defendants have claimed to have been protesting federal land use policies, calling for the US government to turn public lands over to local control. The case marks the first of two trials stemming from the Malheur standoff, with the second scheduled for next year.

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