USA: 'We have very little to do with Syria other than killing ISIS' — Trump

US President Donald Trump held a press conference with the Emir of Kuwait Amir al-Sabah at the White House in Washington DC, Thursday. He used the moment to comment on al-Sabah's allegation that the Syrian army is using chemical weapons. Trump said, «I haven't heard what you just said, but I find that a little bit difficult to believe. But nothing would change. We would be extremely upset if he... Еще [Syrian President Bashaar al-Assad] was using chemical weapons.» However, the president then went on to imply that Assad was not a concern for the USA, as they are only engaging in the Syrian conflict to wipe out the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). He said, «As far as Syria's concerned, we have very little to do with Syria other than killing ISIS. What we do is we kill ISIS. And we have succeeded in that respect.» Trump also offered himself as a mediator in settling the Gulf crisis, saying, «If I can help mediate between Qatar and in particular the UAE and Saudi Arabia, I would be willing to do so. And I think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly. I think it's something that's going to get solved fairly easily.» «I do believe we'll solve it. If we don't solve it, I will be a mediator right here in the White House. We'll come together very quickly, I think we'll have something solved,» he added.
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