USA: 'We'd like to see overall UN reform' — Nauert after US annoucnes withdrawal from UNESCO

journalist (English): «And do you regard the respectful lowering and storage of the flags as perfectly legal? I just want to make sure that’s legal in your eyes, I can imagine-» Heather Nauert, United States Department of State spokesperson (English): «Taking down a flag from a property that they’ve had to vacate, is that legal or not? That’s a real question? I think that’s actually a respectful... Еще thing to do, to take down the flag, to fold it up, to hold on to it for that government and offer it back to them. There are many governments around the world who wouldn’t take that care of another nation’s flag.» Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Heather Nauert explained why the US decided to withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in a press briefing from Washington DC, Thursday. Nauert accused the UN body of anti-Israel bias that needs to «come to an end». She went on to criticise UNESCO for not «truly promoting culture and education and all of that» and reminded her audience that Bashar al Assad used to have a seat on the organisation's human rights committee. Her comments come after the US and Israel both withdrew from UNESCO due to perceived bias against the Jewish nation. Israel has long been critical of the cultural body, particularly when it was decided to admit Palestine as a member in 2011. Nauert also defended the removal of Russian consulate flags from vacated Russian diplomatic properties in the US during the press briefing. «Our actions when it comes to those facilities, we believe is perfectly legal,» said Nauert. «When it comes to the flags, and I’ve certainly seen what Russian media has reported and you so clearly listed that out now the way the Russian government and Russian media is reporting this,» she said. She went on to say that the flags had been «respectfully» lowered and stored away.

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