USA: 'We can transform this country' — Sanders in massive rally ahead of Illinois primary

US Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rallied thousands of supporters in Chicago's Grant Park on Saturday in hope of gaining more votes in Illinois, just 10 days ahead of the state's primary. «We are going to win this election because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of a long-neglected working class,» said Sanders, in front of a reported 15,000-strong crowd... Еще. He continued: «I don't go to billionaires' homes for campaign contributions. We have received more campaign contributions from more Americans than any campaign in the history of this country.» Sander also talked about the income of America’s one percent, promising to create a new tax on the wealth of the richest if elected. «We've prepared to tell the wealthiest people in this country that they all are going to start paying their fair share of taxes,» he explained. Moreover, the Senator pledged to dramatically reduce prison populations and dismantle the prison-industrial-complex (PIC). The Illinois Democratic Primary is scheduled for March 17.

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