USA: Washington sanctions Russian oil firm Rosneft for 'sale and transport of Venezuelan crude'

Special Representative for Venezuela in the US Elliott Abrams gave a press conference in Washington DC on Tuesday amid the government announcement of new sanctions on Venezuelan oil. The presser comes on the day Trump's administration announced sanctions on a Russian state-controlled brokerage, Rosneft Trading S.A, seeking to pressure Nicolas Maduro government to resign following his re-election... Еще in a widely disputed vote two years ago. «Today the United States sanctioned Rosneft Trading SA and its chairman, Didier Casimiro, as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said, quote, Rosneft Trading SA brokered global oil deals involving the sale and transport of Venezuelan crude to provide a lifeline to the illegitimate Maduro regime,» announced Abrams. During the press conference, Abrams announced that Trump's administration «does not think this action will affect the price of oil being paid by consumers around the world.» Washington has expressed its support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido after his self-proclamation as «interim president». The US has also intensified sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic to force the Venezuelan president out. Mandatory credit: US Department of State Mandatory credit: US Department of State

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