USA: Washington Cathedral turns orange for gun violence awareness

The Washington National Cathedral turned orange on Friday in Washington DC, in honour of gun violence victims on the US's National Gun Violence Awareness Day. During the candlelight vigil the building's Bourdon bell, which is known as the Cathedral's mourning bell, rang 109 times in memory of the average number of Americans who die daily from gunfire. The cathedral's missioner Leonard L. Hamlin... Еще explained that the event was «For the communities, who experienced gun violence at a higher rate, for the students, who experience lockdown drills as young as five years old and for all that we have lost.» This year is the fifth iteration of National Gun Violence Awareness Day which began in 2013 after the shooting death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago, just a week after she had performed in former US President Barack Obama's second inaugural parade. The choice of the colour orange stems for the event stems from the decision by Pendleton's friends to wear this colour in her honour originally.

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