USA: 'Was this justice today? Not yet' — Brooks' attourney after ex-police officer charged with murder

Rayshard Brooks' family attorneys say there is still a ways to go before justice is achieved after former police officer Garrett Rolfe was charged with murder for shooting Brooks, Fulton County Superior Courthouse, on Wednesday «Was this justice today? Not yet,» said Justin Miller, attorney for Brooks' family. «Yes, we appreciate and we commend the DA's office for charging these officers appropriately. But that's just step one. Step two is convictions on all charges. And then after that, we have to find a way to try to make things right for the Brooks family and for those children.» L. Chris Stewart, another attorney for the family, added, «There's more heartache that families have to go through this and fight the public to try and get justice for a man who was shot in the back twice.» Brooks was shot by Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe on Friday, June 12, at a Wendy's restaurant in southeast Atlanta. Rolfe was since dismissed.

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