USA: Vote for Dems a vote for crime! — Trump hits TN ahead of midterms

United States President Donald Trump said America was «respected again» under Republican leadership, while speaking at a rally in Chattanooga on Sunday as a show of support for Republican candidate for Tennessee Marsha Blackburn. «Under Republican leadership, America is respected again, and America is winning again, because we are finally putting America first,» Trump told approximately 12,000... Еще supporters at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga's McKenzie Arena. The country's military was being rebuilt «like it's never been rebuilt before,» Trump said before adding «the stronger we become the less likely it is that we will have to use it.» Trump said the US had the «worst immigration laws anywhere in the world» while touching on the migrant caravan heading to the US/Mexico border. «If you want more caravans and more crime, because crime comes with it, vote for the Democrats, vote for. If you want strong borders and safe communities vote for the Republicans, it's very simple,» he said to cheers.

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