USA: Violence in Boston after huge counter-protest descends on Free Speech rally

Anti-racist protesters scuffled with police on Boston's streets, Saturday, as they rallied in opposition to a 'Free Speech' demonstration taking place in the city. Police repeatedly pepper sprayed the protesters, after reportedly being hit by projectiles. 27 people were arrested in the disturbances, though the majority of the day was largely peaceful. Some 15,000 anti-racist protesters marched... Еще through Boston, including Black Lives Matter groups and activist group 'Violence in Boston'. The protesters were marching against the conservative activist group 'Boston Free Speech' rally that attracted several hundred people. While the 'Free Speech' rally organisers claimed to have no relationship with white-supremacist, neo-Nazi and white-nationalists groups. Though several far-right activists were due to speak, including nationalist Kyle Chapman, who was arrested after being in possession of a weapon used a previous protest in Berkeley.
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