USA: Victims furious after pro-Erdogan attackers sentenced to year in jail

A Washington DC courthouse sentenced Eyup Yildirim and Sinan Narin to 12 months and one day in prison over their involvement in an attack on a group of protesters during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to the US in 2017, leaving many of the victims disappointed. Around ten of those who protested in May were present in the court and many of them expressed their anger over the... Еще verdict, saying it was too lenient. Abbas Azizi, who is a US citizen of Kurdish descent, said the decision did not represent 'justice'. Azizi was also disappointed with the fact that charges against 11 of the bodyguards were dropped a month ago. Speaking of the incident, one of the victim's lawyers said 'it was crazy' that peaceful demonstrators who were exercising their first amendment right would be attacked in such a manner. Meanwhile some of the defendants' supporters who were also attending the hearing were seemingly upset as they left the court. An Erdogan supporter waved a Turkish flag outside the court building after the verdict. The incident took place on May 16 when a group of Kurdish, Yazidi and Armenian activists were peacefully protesting outside the Turkish Ambassador's residence in Washington DC when they were attacked by the President's personal bodyguards and some pro-Erdogan supporters.

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