USA: Venezuelans will defend their sovereignty 'to the last breath' — FM Arreaza

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that the state was prepared to take all «possible steps» to defend its citizens in the face of the recent US sanctions and threats after meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in New York, Saturday. «If Venezuela was attacked, rest assured that the armed forces of the Bolivarian Republic, the people of Venezuela, would defend to the last... Еще breath their territory, their integrity, dignity, independence and sovereignty,» said Arreaza. He also said there was a need for «serious opposition» in Venezuela, while also saying future economic hardships suffered by Venezuela would be the responsibility of US President Donald Trump. «If it so happens that the sanctions affect the economy of Venezuela or its citizens, the responsibility will be borne exclusively by the president of the United States,» he said. «We can't let it happen, having leaders who betray the motherland and then try to avoid responsibility and to shift it to the government of Nicolas Maduro, who protects the people of Venezuela,» Arreaza stated.

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