USA: US voters react to midterm election results

Residents of Washington DC reacted to the results of the US midterm elections on Wednesday. Some locals, who support the Democrats, welcomed the news that the party had regained control of the House of Representatives. «I think that with the Democratic majority in the House they will have a lot more power to investigate things that have been swept under the rug so far. And I'm really excited... Еще to see what's going to be in covered,» said one of them. Those who voted for the Republicans contradicted: «They can't do anything, we have got the Senate. The House can't impeach him, the House can't, throw any kind of legislation like that out of the window. Like I said, the worst thing that can happen is that we got gridlock for the next two years.» Tuesday's midterm elections marked two years since US President Donald Trump took office in the White House. According to the latest results, the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans firmed up their position in the Senate.

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