USA: US using 'Russia scare' to justify military spending hike and nuclear buildup

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoli Antonov commented on the United States' new Nuclear Posture Review in Washington DC, Saturday, stating that the US was using the alleged «Russia scare» to «justify the rise in military spending and the nuclear buildup.» Antonov said that the New Posture Review document «requires careful study and analysis,» adding «I hope that in the very near... Еще future there will be meetings between Russian and American specialists, during which our Washington colleagues will find explanations for many unclear statements in these document.» Touching on the issue of international treaties observance, namely, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), the Russian Ambassador to the US stated that «Russia is clearly and fully responsible for and fulfilling all international obligations.» Antonov also mentioned that thanks to a «brilliant doctrine» American diplomats now can speak with their colleagues in the world «from a position of strength,» adding that «As a Russian diplomat, I would like to say that it is hardly necessary to speak with us from a position of strength, in a haughty manner, and tell us what and how we should do.»

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