USA: US spies attempting to recruit departing Russian diplomats, says Ambassador Antonov

Attempts are being made to persuade expelled Russian diplomats to cooperate with US special services, said Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov in Washington DC, Friday. «We know of approaches made to our diplomats,» he stated. «Attempts are being made to persuade them [Russian diplomats] to cooperate with US special services.» The ambassador went on to say that Russia was not the... Еще initiator of the latest round of tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions, saying «we are not interested in [having] such relations.» «We are interested in relations of partnership with the United States,» he said. «The so-called Skripal case is just a pretext for the US' aggressive and provocative actions towards Russia,» he stated. Antonov also said that Russia would not be removing the flag of the Russian Federation from the consulate in Seattle, which has been closed by order of the US authorities. «We are leaving the matter of the flag’s safety to the decency of the American authorities,» he said. Russia's ambassador also stressed that Moscow will «not forgive and let go of insults and rudeness» but «respond only to what [our] American partners have done to us.» «All the materials on the United States' misconduct in respect of Russian property will be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where all such information is accumulated, and will be used to file a lawsuit in various courts,» he said.

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