USA: Twitter allows staff to work from home permanently

Social media giant Twitter announced on Tuesday that its employees can work from home 'forever' if they wish to do so, as they assessed their home office measures implemented during the coronavirus pandemic as being successful. Twitter also said that if they choose to, workers can return to the office when it reopens. The news sent shock waves throughout Silicon Valley, as many companies now... Еще revise strategies to implement the de-escalation and contemplate including telecommute as part of their policy. Many workers in the tech industry support this work concept, but others believe it can infringe on life-work balance. On Wednesday, a worker from a cafe and grocery located in Twitter's HQ in San Francisco, called Market, believes it will be better for their business if workers return to the offices. «We're here to support our community whatever way possible and we hope that they eventually do come back to work. But again, we're here to service our community from the market and take care of our essential employees that are home. So come back soon, we're waiting for you guys,» said Market cafe employee Loli. «I think working from home doesn't necessarily limit your productivity,» commented tech company worker Zeyu Yeng. He added that it may however add pressure on employees. «Your manager might be able to push more work on to you. You might not be able to separate enough space for your own life.» Twitter has allowed its employees to do home office since March and does not expect to reopen its offices before September.

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