USA: 'Turkey's taken its eye off IS' — State Department on Syria operation

US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that Turkey 'has taken his eye of the ISIS ball' during a press briefing in Washington DC on Thursday. Referring to Turkey’s military operation in Kurdish-held Afrin, Nauert said «it's a shame» that «the people now have to flee an area that was previously considered pretty stable,» adding «we are looking at another disruption in north-western... Еще Syria because Turkey has taken his eye of the ball ISIS and going after the PKK.» She mentioned that the US also regards PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) as a terror group but urged Turkey to «keep the eye on the ball of defeating ISIS [so-called Islamic State; IS] and not get distracted by other things.» The so-called operation 'Olive Branch' began on January 20 and aims to oust Kurdish groups from the northern Syrian region of Afrin, which lies on the border between the two countries. Turkey considers the Kurdish YPG militia (People's Protection Units), which is active in northern Syria, to be a terrorist organisation and an extension of the banned PKK militant group.

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