USA: Turkey kicked out of F-35 fighter jet programme following S400 delivery

US Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord announced that Turkey would be removed from a US-led fighter aircraft programme because of its acquisition of a S-400 missile system from Russia, speaking from Arlington, Virginia, on Wednesday. «Turkey's purchase of the S400 is inconsistent with its commitments to NATO and will have detrimental impact on Turkish... Еще interoperability with the alliance. Regardless of Turkey's decision to proceed with the procurement of the Russian system, the F35 international partnership is strong and resilient,» Lord said after announcing that Turkey, a NATO member, would not be allowed to purchase the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. «Turkey remains a close NATO ally and our military to military relationship remains strong,» Lord added. «We have been clear and consistent that Turkey can choose to acquire the S400 or F35. It cannot have both,» said Pentagon Deputy Undersecretary for Policy David Trachtenberg. Turkey received the first parts of the S400 air defence system last week. mandatory credit: u.s. department of defense

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