USA: Trump slams Pelosi's 'dangerous' Dems for blocking State of the Union

US President Donald Trump confirmed that the State of the Union address has been cancelled and condemned the Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her role in blocking the annual message, during a cabinet meeting in Washington DC on Wednesday. «I don't believe it's ever happened before. It's always good to be part of history but this is a very negative part of history,» he said. «It... Еще's radical, Democrats are becoming a radicalised party, they really have, they are becoming a radicalised party. I actually think they have become a very dangerous party for this country,» said Trump. In the same speech Trump once again stressed the need for border security and a wall on the US/Mexico border: «They don't give us the tools to work with, meaning we have to have a wall. We have to have a barricade of some kind, a steel barricade, it's already designed.»

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