USA: Trump 'obsessed' with Biden — Democrats' Schumer

Democratic House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said US President Donald Trump was «obsessed» with his political rival Joe Biden. «He's willing to risk our elections and our national security to go after him, [...] his lawyers are willing to risk the solemnity and purpose of an impeachment trial to go after him,» Schumer said at the press conference flanked by fellow senators. Schumer then... Еще challenged the White House to let John Bolton testify at the impeachment trial. «We want four witnesses, four documents. The Republicans can call who they want. They have the ability. They have the majority. We want these witnesses and these documents, because we want the truth,» stated Schumer. «President Trump and Ambassador Bolton said diametrically opposed things. Only one of them is willing to testify under oath. Who do you believe?» Senator Jack Read called on Trump to release the transcript of the July 25 phone call he had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy which constituted the grounds for his impeachment. «If President Trump really wants Americans to 'read the transcript', all he has to do is release them,» Reed said. Trump is facing impeachment over charges of abuse of power as well as obstruction of Congress, but with a Republican majority in the Senate and a super-majority required for a conviction, the president looks set to remain in office.


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