USA: Trump lashes out at press and Democrats ahead of border visit

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America: «Well the news incorrectly reported, because I said, well if we go back and everything's peachy dory and you say we'll talk over 30 days, at the end of 30 days are you going to give us great border security which includes a wall or a steel barrier? She said 'no.' I didn't pound on tables, I didn't raise my voice. That was a lie. What you... Еще should do is give them Pinocchio's because if you ask Mike Pence and you ask Kevin McCarthy you ask anybody in the room, they will say, because I know if I do that you're going to report it. But you guys report it anyway because you're fake news. But let me just tell you something, I very calmly said if you're not going to give us strong borders, bye bye. And I left. I didn't rant, I didn't rave, like you reported. I mean, some of the newspapers, oh and then [Chuck] Schumer always has his standard line: He had a temper tantrum. I don't have temper tantrums. I really don't. But it plays to his narrative, but it's a lie. I very calmly walked out of the room, I didn't smash the table. I should have but I didn't smash the table. That's the story. So all of that, wait, all of that narrative is a lie.» Donald Trump, President of the United States of America: «You know who has more human pain? The parents of people who had children killed by an illegal immigrant that should have never been in the country. You know who has more human pain? The husband that lost a wife, or the wife that lost a husband to an illegal immigrant that came in five or six times, that shouldn't be here. That's the human pain. And the people who will be paid but maybe a little bit later, those people, they're on my side. They want to see border security. And by the way, NBC may be — NBC may be the most dishonest reporters of all time.» Donald Trump, President of the United States of America: «No, I didn't know anything about it. Nothing about it.» US President Donald Trump repeatedly lashed out at the press and at Democrats, while continuing to defend his administration's planned border wall and threatening to declare a national emergency outside the White House on Thursday, en route to the US-Mexico border. In a quick press conference before boarding Marine One, the presidential helicopter, the president repeatedly called the press fake and dishonest, and stated Democrats don't care about crime. «They don't care about gang members coming in and stabbing people and cutting people up,» he said. «I'll tell you what, they have gone crazy.» While talking about the US economy and his planned trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, he said, «I find China in many ways to be far more honourable than crying Chuck and Nancy.» Following the press conference, Trump left to McAllen, Texas for a scheduled visit of the border, while the government shutdown marches on, entering its 20th day.

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