USA: Trump IQ comments on Tillerson a 'joke' — US Press Secretary

SOT, Journalist (English): «So you welcome talks with Catalonia and Spain?» SOT, Sarah Sanders, US Press Secretary (English): «I think that's up for the people of Spain and Catalonia to decide, but our position is still consistent with what the President said a couple weeks ago.» US Press Secretary Sarah Sanders described US President Donald Trump's comments on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson... Еще's IQ as a 'joke' during a press conference in Washington DC on Tuesday evening. Trumps comments were published on Tuesday, where he challenged his Secretary of State to an IQ and disregarded Tillerson's comments as 'fake news'. On other topics, Sanders insisted that, «The President has reached a decision on an overall Iran strategy», which will be announced later this week, while she responded questions regarding the US stance on the tensions between Catalonia and Spain by saying the US's stance remained unchanged.

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