USA: Trump holds Iftar dinner at White House to mark Ramadan

US President Donald Trump hosted an Iftar dinner for members of the Muslim community, diplomats and members of Congress at the White House in Washington DC on Monday. The Iftar dinner, which marks the end of the daily period of fasting for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, was the second of Trump's administration. During the opening speech, Trump stressed that Muslims all over the world... Еще endured «a rough period of time» and cited recent terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, among others. «Our hearts are filled with the grief for Muslims who were killed in their mosques in New Zealand, as well as the Christians, Jews and other children of God, who were slain in Sri Lanka, California and Pittsburgh. In their blessed memory, we resolve to defeat the evils of terrorism and religious persecution, so that all people can worship without fear, pray without danger and live by the faith that flows from their heart,» Trump said. The White House held the traditional dinner every year since 1996, when then First Lady Hillary Clinton hosted a Ramadan Eid dinner. The tradition was once broken by Trump when he decided not to host the celebrations in 2017.

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